Brewing a Better NA Craft Beer.

Posted On: February 15, 2018

Let’s face it, brewing a better NA beer than the ones that are out there isn’t the long-term trick. The biggest complaint about NA beer has always been it doesn’t “taste like real beer.”

So from the first day we started this adventure, we set out to brew incredible craft beer first. Without alcohol.

We did our research. We talked to brewers and scientists in Germany, the UK, and the US and sampled the best of the current offerings from around the world. We learned that Spain and Germany have some great NA beers and the UK has some talented craft brewers in the NA space. But we are taking it a step further.

O’Fallon Brewery and the O’Bar.

We decided to partner with a great craft brewer to start. The O’Fallon Brewery has been around for 17 years and is one of the OG’s of the craft brewing revolution before anyone even knew what it was. They also make award-winning craft beers and have for a long time.

Next, we imported the “Mercedes Benz” of brewing technology straight from the Brewing University in Munich, Germany. Most brewers have to boil off the alcohol, which also boils off the flavor and kills the beer. This machine gently removes the alcohol from our fully finished beer, so our craft NA beers are more flavorful.

With this advanced technology, the end result is a full-bodied, fully brewed NA beer with an amazing mouthfeel, with all the flavors and aromatics coming through. It’s what we set out to make at WellBeing Brewing – great tasting Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer! All with about 1/2 the calories of a regular beer.

In addition to our crisp, smooth, and dry Heavenly Body Golden Wheat and our hop-forward and flavorful Hellraiser Dark Amber, we plan to add a few more distinguished non-alcoholic craft beer styles and tastes in 2018.

Please let us know what you would like to try!

Cheers and NA Beers!

The WellBeing Brewing Team


Heavenly Body NA Beer Cheese Spread

Posted On: February 2, 2018

This easy to make NA beer cheese spread can be served warm or cold and is a great party appetizer for the Big Game or anytime!


2 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 bottle WellBeing Brewing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat NA Craft Beer
8 ounces grated cheese
1 teaspoon Sriracha Granada Hot Sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder


-Pour 1 bottle of WellBeing Brewing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat into a mixing bowl and whisk until all of the bubbles have dissipated. Set aside.
-In a medium saucepan, melt butter, slowly mix in flour whisking continuously* over medium-high heat until the butter and flour begin to create a paste. Drop heat down to medium and continue whisking until roux** darkens to a nice, rich caramel color (about 15 minutes). This is the most tedious part of the process, but totally worth it. This will give your spread depth and richness.
*whisking non-stop is the key. You don’t want to burn the roux and have to start over.
**If the roux gets too thick add little more butter.
-After you have your roux finished, it’s time to add the WellBeing Brewing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat!! Slowly pour the beer into the saucepan with the roux whisking continuously (you see a trend here??)
-Time to cheese it up!! You can use any cheese you would like that will melt well. For this recipe, a mix of a smoked cheddar and Milton Creamery’s Prairie Breeze Cheddar were used. Grate cheese and slowly add to your saucepan with remaining ingredients while stirring continuously. Turn off heat.
– Let sit until spread gets to room temperature. Transfer to serving bowl and refrigerate until party time! (about 3 hours). This spread can also be served hot. If you are keeping it warm in a crockpot, be sure to check on it every once in a while. If it begins to thicken just add some more NA Craft beer.  Because WellBeing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat is non-alcoholic you don’t have to worry about cooking off the booze, while it still maintains the flavor!

Recipe Credit: Tom Halaska

Where To Buy Our NA Craft Beer

Posted On: January 11, 2018

Updated 2/23/18

Hi St. Louis!

We are on shelves at the following stores:

Fields Foods in Lafayette Square
The Wine and Cheese Place (All 4 locations)
Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton
Lukas Liquors Ellisville
Fresh Thyme Market – Kirkwood
Fresh Thyme Market – Town & Country
Fresh Thyme Market – South County
Schnucks – Richmond Heights, 6600 Clayton Road.
Straub’s Market – Clayton
Friar Tuck Beverage – Crestwood
Central Liquor – Olivette
Crazy Deals
Randall’s Wine & Spirits – Manchester
Wine Merchant – Clayton
St. Louis Hop Shop on Cherokee St.
Apotheosis Comics

The Monocle
Pop’s Blue Moon
O’ Bar (Draught!)
Four Hands Brewery (Guest Tap)
The Dark Room at The Grandel
Grace Meat + Three
Ferguson Brewing
Reed’s American Table
Tapped Maplewood (Draught!)
The Shaved Duck
Dados Cafe
1764 Public House
Edibles & Essentials
Beatnik Bob’s – City Museum
Global Brew Taphouse – Rock Hill
Sugarfire Smokehouse – Olivette
OB Clark’s
Parkers Table
Wolf Public House – Ballwin
F&B Eatery – South City

Boulder – The Barrel, Hazel’s Beverage World
Denver – Natural Grocers (Coming Soon)
Littleton – Arrow Liquormart
Wheat Ridge – Applejack Wine and Spirits

More places to come so stay tuned.
Don’t see your fave store? Do us a kind favor and please ask to carry WellBeing NA Craft Beer.
We Ship – share the NA Love with your Friends and Family!

Thank you for your continued support as we help reframe and innovate the non-alcoholic craft beer community!


Tacos and NA Craft Beer

14 Types Who (Will) LOVE Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer!

Posted On: December 15, 2017

Why would anyone take the alcohol out of beer? Good question! We sat down with pencils to paper and identified 14 types who (will) love non-alcoholic craft beer and think it’s a good idea:

1) The Never Drinkers — There are quite a few people who have NEVER had a drink of alcohol before. Seriously. Some understandably based on religious beliefs, some based on a life of athletic training and some just never wanted to feel out of control. Fortunately, we’re brewing up what you’re laying down!

2) The Non-Drinkers — Whether you, like us, are in long-term recovery or have just stopped through many of the other various roads and journey’s, non-alcoholic craft beer lets you fully participate in the times ahead.

3) The Moderators — All good things in moderation. We’ve heard this somewhere before.

4) The Round Offers — You’ve had two rounds of a new delicious 7% IPA and are taking the third round off with an icy cold non-alcoholic craft beer. Solid choice friend.

5) The Best-Selfers Check this out: Our friend Joy Manning quit drinking because it was preventing her from being her Best Self. She started a happy hour with no alcohol and thought no one would come. Instead, she has hundreds attend every month! Also, check out this guy. We admire his insight that alcohol was holding him back. And he’s with Jennifer Aniston at his bottom! Plus, he’s Australian where they drink like fish. After quitting drinking, he’s kind of a guru.

6) The Spicy Lunchers — Tacos or Thai, Italian or BBQ, there is just something about having an ice cold non-alcoholic craft beer that goes with all things spicy. Pass the Sriracha, please!

Tacos and NA Craft Beer

Yay! It’s Taco Tuesday!

7) The Drivers — Now you can party like the yahoos you’re driving home! Match them round for round. In fact, drink those chuckleheads under the table!

8) The Preggers — Our favorites: Mamas2be.

9) The Ultra-Trainers — We have several friends who train for 100-mile runs. Why? Why do they do this? We don’t know. They do drink non-alcoholic craft beer cause it goes with their savage training routine.

10) The Night OffersCheck this out: getting wasted two nights in a row is bad. This makes sense. So if you get called upon for a round two, have a few of our delicious NA’s instead and wake up happier.

11) The Pot Smokers — Why waste that perfectly curated high by killing it with the depressant that alcohol can be? And, nothing refreshes that cotton-mouth like an ice cold NA craft beer. Bongs Away!

12) The Medically Constrained — We know several people with Crohn’s or patients taking certain medications — none of which go well with alcohol.

13) The Participants — From a Moonlight Rambles, Naked Bike Ride, Fun Runs, Ultimate Frisbee Tourney, Frisbee Golf — really any athletic type thing where actual balance or semi-competitiveness will make the experience more rewarding. NA while you play. NA goes all the way!

14) People at these Special Occasions:

a) First Dates — NA goes all the way! Just kidding. Unless you want too!? In all seriousness, it’s generally a good practice to remain reasonably sober on a first date.

b) Office Parties — New to the company? Getting blasted at first party = frowny face emoji from the boss.

c) Trivia Nights — We are already embarrassed enough by the things we don’t know that are basically rubbed in our faces as we sit and stuff our faces with cheese dip. Need All Brain Cells.


15) Retail Buyers Encouraging Less Drinking:

a) Military

b) College

c) Stadium/Venue

Are you a person in a position of buying beverages for one of the above? NA craft beer is by far a healthier option for your consumers. What else are you going to sell after the 7th inning?

Sampling Now!

Posted On: November 30, 2017

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