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Welcome to the WellBeing Brewing Company.

Solely Dedicated to Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer.

Brew Well To Be Well
Heavenly Body Golden Wheat
Hellraiser Dark Amber


Where To Buy Our NA Craft Beer

Hi St. Louis!

We are on shelves at the following stores:

Fields Foods in Lafayette Square
The Wine and Cheese Place (All 4 locations)
Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton
Lukas Liquors Ellisville
Fresh Thyme Market in Kirkwood
St. Louis Hop Shop on Cherokee St.
Apotheosis Comics

The Monocle
Pop’s Blue Moon
Grace Meat + Three
Ferguson Brewing
Reed’s American Table
Tapped Maplewood (Keg!)

More places to come so stay tuned.
Don’t see your fave store? Do us a kind favor and please ask to carry WellBeing NA Craft beer.
We ship – share the NA love with your friends and family!

Thank you for your continued support as we help revolutionize the non-alcoholic craft beer community!

In the News

Read all about our NA craft beer biz in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, on NPR and in the RFT.


Why Do This?

Why do this?

We get that question from time to time.

Why would you want to take the alcohol out of beer?

Is this some kind of evil plot?


Actually, we think it makes a lot of sense to a lot of people during a lot of drinking moments.

First off, there are plenty of people who can't drink alcohol.

Add to that all the occasions that happen where you don't want alcohol. Maybe you're in training. You're up early. You've had two regulars and want to stay out but don't want any more. You're on a first date. You're stoned. You're driving. You've been out two nights straight. It's spicy burrito business lunch. We could go on!

Suffice it to say, we believe that craft beer without alcohol gives everyone a choice no matter the occasion. We want to be the designated driver. We want to be the person up early. Clear headed and ready to tackle life. We want to have as much fun and make it home safely.

The WellBeing Brewing Company plans to bring the world great tasting craft beers of all varieties, styles, seasonals, and tastes, all without alcohol!

Our Beers.

Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat

Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat

Contains less than 0.5% Alc/Vol

Miraculously balanced between flavor and lightness. Near Beer from Heaven.

Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat is the first offering from the WellBeing Brewing Company. It is based on a Great American Beer Festival award-winning recipe! This American-Style Wheat has more flavor than its light lager cousins. We add a hint of Cascade and German Traditional hops for a slight citrus character that balances the lighter malts. This is a great beer for after sports, yoga, or anytime you are taking care to watch what is going in your heavenly body.

Available in kegs, 6 pack carriers and 24 pack cases!

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber

Contains less than 0.5% Alc/Vol

The deliciously dark amber brewed to Raise Hell. Responsibly.

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber is the beer to drink when you are out with your friends ready to have a great time. This Classic British Brown Ale has soft chocolate, caramel, and toasted nut flavors and just enough earthy hops to offset the sweetness of the malt. The balance makes this tasty amber easy to drink anytime or all the time.

Available in kegs, 6 pack carriers and 24 pack cases!

How we brew it.

Unlike many NA beers that use a method called stop-fermentation (which says it all), we fully brew the craft beer. We then use the latest in brewing technology to ever so gently remove the alcohol. Our process is so gentle in fact, the beer barely notices. What you’re left with is great tasting craft beer, with all the flavor and aromatics intact.

...Our Story...

Jeff Stevens

About the WellBeing Brewing Company

I’m Jeff Stevens, founder of WellBeing Brewing, and I‘m a Non-Alcoholic.

When I was 24, I quit drinking alcohol. It was pretty obvious at that moment of clarity that booze and I were never going to have a successful relationship.

However, from almost the beginning of my recovery, I still went out to bars. I loved listening to live music. I also was working in the music, beer, and spirits marketing industry. I was out a lot and constantly surrounded by alcohol.

I drank NA beer. It saved me in many ways and it allowed me to participate fully in the fun and stay sober.

Fast forward to today and an entire explosion of craft brewing has transformed the beer industry and yet, for me, NA beer is still pretty much what it once was: not that great. The world has passed it by.

Until now.

We’re so excited to start the WellBeing Brewing Company, the country's very first brewery solely dedicated to brewing Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer.


Cheers and NA Beers,