Hi, I'm Jeff Stevens and
I'm a Non-Alcoholic.

I quit drinking alcohol years ago. It was pretty obvious at that moment of clarity that booze and I were never going to have a successful, harmonious relationship. And yet, almost from the beginning, I still went out to bars. I loved listening to live music, hanging with friends, and being social. I drank NA beer. In many ways it saved me and allowed me to participate fully in the fun and still stay sober.

Then craft beer came along - with so many styles and new flavors - and NA beer stayed the same. Why?

In 2017, my wife and business partner, Genevieve and I founded WellBeing Brewing. From the beginning, we wanted to create a range of high-quality, craft non-alcoholic beers for all to enjoy in any social occasion. Our small team set out to reframe the stigma associated with 'not drinking.' Since then, we've managed to become one of the leaders in creating an entirely new beverage category that centers around purpose-brewed, better-for-you craft beer.

While brewing is our purpose, our mission is to Raise WellBeing. Not only are people discovering the upside of drinking less or not at all, but they are joining us in creating a brand new mindful style of living that combines all the social fun of enjoying a traditional beer, with the intentionality of WellBeing. We're grateful to have you here.