Frequently Asked Questions


+ Where can I find WellBeing Beers?

WellBeing non-alcoholic craft beers can be found in select stores across the United States; please check our store locator to find a store near you!

Don’t see us? We’re growing quickly and expanding in to new states. Look for new announcements on our Instagram page, or purchase directly from our online store. 

+ Is there alcohol in your beer?

Yes, our beers contain trace amounts of alcohol that range between 0.2%-0.4%. All WellBeing beers are below the legally accepted limit of 0.5% for non-alcoholic beverages, and contain less alcohol than some fermented foods such as bread, bananas, kombucha, and even orange juice.

+ How is WellBeing beer brewed?

We start with fully-finished craft beer with alcohol. We gently remove the alcohol through a de-alcoholization machine that leaves all the aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor you would expect in a high-end craft beer, without the alcohol. 

+ What ingredients do you use?

We use traditional beer ingredients including barley, hops, water, and yeast. In some beers, such as our Coffee Cream Stout and Intentional IPA, we add lactose. All beer ingredients can be found under each particular beer on our website. 

+ Are your beers Vegan?

Hellraiser Dark Amber, Heavenly Body Golden Wheat, and Victory Citrus Wheat are vegan. We do not use any clarifying agents such as gelatine or isinglass.

+ I am pregnant. Are WellBeing beers safe to drink?

The safest approach while pregnant is to abstain from alcohol altogether. We advise consulting your physician concerning any questions regarding the consumption of non-alcoholic beers.