Let’s face it, brewing a better NA beer than the ones that are out there isn’t the long-term trick. The biggest complaint about NA beer has always been it doesn’t “taste like real beer.”

So from the first day we started this adventure, we set out to brew incredible craft beer first. Without alcohol.

We did our research. We talked to brewers and scientists in Germany, the UK, and the US and sampled the best of the current offerings from around the world. We learned that Spain and Germany have some great NA beers and the UK has some talented craft brewers in the NA space. But we are taking it a step further.

We decided to partner with a great craft brewer to start. The O’Fallon Brewery has been around for 17 years and is one of the OG’s of the craft brewing revolution before anyone even knew what it was. They also make award-winning craft beers and have for a long time.

Next, we imported the “Mercedes Benz” of brewing technology straight from the Brewing University in Munich, Germany. Most brewers have to boil off the alcohol, which also boils off the flavor and kills the beer. This machine gently removes the alcohol from our fully finished beer, so our craft NA beers are more flavorful.

With this advanced technology, the end result is a full-bodied, fully brewed NA beer with an amazing mouthfeel, with all the flavors and aromatics coming through. It’s what we set out to make at WellBeing Brewing – great tasting Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer! All with about 1/2 the calories of a regular beer.

In addition to our crisp, smooth, and dry Heavenly Body Golden Wheat and our hop-forward and flavorful Hellraiser Dark Amber, we plan to add a few more distinguished non-alcoholic craft beer styles and tastes in 2018.

Please let us know what you would like to try!

Cheers and NA Beers!

The WellBeing Brewing Team

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