The Non Alcoholic Beer Gut is good for you!

The Non Alcoholic Beer Gut is good for you!

Hey everyone, did you see this??

We’ve always known that Non Alcoholic beer is a isotonic wonder drink that wins Gold Medals and contains wellraising magic…

New Research takes it even further, by showing how a NA beer a day improves your gut health!

The participants in the study drank NA beer for 30 days and saw increased gut microbiota diversity – or Gut Health - which is associated with many positive health benefits. 

In other words, NA beer helps your gut fight off diseases, infections and boost overall digestion!   That’s the beer gut you are looking for!

The reason? The hops, malt and yeast of beer are loaded with polyphenols, the plant-based compounds that are great for your overall health.

 So it’s not just the decrease in alcohol that is good for you, it’s the delicious beer itself.

 Here’s to your health!


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