NA Beer…Is it a Spiritual Hack?

NA Beer…Is it a Spiritual Hack?

The original Simon Sinek TED Talk on finding your Why? Check it out.

 The takeaway? People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I worked in big time marketing for a lot of years, and we were always trying to help brands with their why’s – why the hell are you here? What is your purpose?  Some were easier than others.

When we started WellBeing, we had purpose. In addition to making great Non-Alcoholic beer, we were driven to help people feel included. We wanted a really clear understanding of our “Why”.

 We knew one thing to be true…at its simplest, helping people drink less alcohol, raises wellbeing.

 Helping people feel included, raises wellbeing.

 That became our why – wherever we are, we want to #raisewellbeing.

 So how are we doing?

Consider this…. according the “Science of WellBeing” – a very popular and free online course from Yale University– here are 3 major behaviors that if you practice will result in raising your WellBeing. 

  • Savor the moment (Be Present)
  • Acknowledging the things that bring you Gratitude.
  • Inspiring Kindness to helps others

These were behaviors proven again and again using science to raise wellbeing. They also confirm the wisdom of the ancient and the modern gurus.

And what better way to help you start these things, like savoring a moment, or contemplating gratitude or spreading a little kindness than cracking open a beer that improves your mind, body and spirit?

So just adding all this up…drinking less, feeling included, savoring the present, practicing gratitude and being kind?

Damn, does WellBeing Non-Alcoholic Beer bring you closer to the divine?

Is our beer a true spiritual hack? A short cut to your best self?

 Well, it’s certainly worth contemplating over a cold WellBeing beer.

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