Unmonkey the monkey mind with a NA beer.

Unmonkey the monkey mind with a NA beer.

The monkey mind rules much of our day.  From the obsessive fight-or-flight, scanning-for-threats to the mindless scrolling trying to find that fix, the monkey mind rules.

It dances and strains and scans and makes up stories and reacts and SQUIRREL!

Needless to say, the monkey mind does not lead to a sense of contentment.

It leads to restlessness, irritability, and discontentment. 

It’s a reason why people want some weed at 4:20 or a drink at 5.

To slow the mind. To shut the inner critic up. To have an official line of demarcation between work and living.

Have you seen Severance? The line of demarcation taken to an extreme.

We posit that Non-Alcoholic beer can do the same thing, all-natural like, without weed, alcohol or heaven forbid, Lumen.  

We believe that just like it’s alcoholic cousins, our beer is brewed to be truly savored. The aroma, the taste, the deliciousness of craft beer stops you and brings you into the present moment.

The mind relaxes because after all, it’s beer and the mind naturally release’s endorphins, which relaxes you even more.  

Add to that the moment itself. If you are cracking a Non-Alcoholic beer, there is certainly some intentionality - you are ready, joining a friend or having a lunch, wanting to shift gears.

Sprinkle on top of all that, possibly the most naturally healthy beverage (polyphenols, all natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory, low calorie, no alcohol) and boom – we become mindful.


We’re not the only way to go from the monkey mind of our days to actually living our lives, but we certainly are the healthiest!

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